Early Morning Personal Exercise Workout

Early Morning Personal Workout Routine Here’s a quick early morning workout for you to try and covers different fitness levels, so that you can adapt it to your fitness level. Let me know if you would like further help working out a tailored workout routine for yourself. I also have

Full Body No Equipment Workout

It’s often the case that we don’t exercise because we can’t go to a gym where there are treadmills and weights to exercise with. But that’s just an excuse. Pull it together with these quick easy routines while at home or in an open area with lots of fresh air.

HIIT workout for the time poor

HIIT workout For those that suffer from being too time poor to exercise here’s a quick High Intensity Interval Training workout Warm up – jog on spot 1 min, side bends, arm circles, leg swings (30 sec each) Squat jumps x20 Push ups x10 Burpees x5 Walking lunges (between 2