These days, with all the technology advances, our kids are more engaged in online games, television and XBox games in comparison to playing outdoors. We’ve therefore seen a sharp rise in the number of chubby children around our neighbourhoods of Logan and South Brisbane where I hold my personal training and exercise classes. This pattern of less physical exercise really needs to be changed and kids should be encouraged to play games that involve physical activity which improves both their bodies and also their minds. Regular exercise is just as important for the little ones as it is for you and me.

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Parents ought to take a positive stance and make certain that their children are taking part in some kind of physical activity on a daily basis and to even make it part of their usual routine to make sure that youngsters have better levels of fitness and health. A child who has neglected their weight challenges in while they are still young tend to lead to heavier body weight tendencies in adulthood. Of course, it’s also a common knowledge that over weight people tend to be less healthy. Additionally, children who need to lose weight tend to grow up insecure and less confident in their abilities and often get teased at school and amongst their peers.

Rope exercises are a worthwhile as well as a really excellent exercise for young children. While doing an exercise such as rope skipping, most of the body’s muscular tissues are in motion and active, which is excellent for burning off that additional fat and also strengthing their muscles. These are exercises that kids can do by themselves, with you as a parent or with many of their friends. To make it easier they can also be enjoyed as a group in my Ankle Biters Bootcamp class. Group exercise is a very effective exercise routine for those youngsters that don’t have adequate outdoor space for playing other outside games. Parents must find ways to maintain the level of interest in outdoor activities in youngsters so that a routine is established.

Another interesting activity that kids appreciate playing is games similar to hockey. It is a game that incorporates extending and pulling the muscles of the top and lower extremities, such as hands and legs, as well as engaging the entire body. Such activities are more enjoyable for young children and help kids’ body attain flexibility and better shape. By playing these types of games, physical and psychological health and wellness of young children are greatly enhanced.

Similarly, another task in which the kids could try themselves is cycling. I saw on TV recently a young teenager excelling in cycling and travelling the world with his young skills. Cycling is one of the most effective ways in which children can do physical tasks with pleasure and enjoyment. It is these leg muscle workouts as the cycle is peddled that also assist in removing body fat mainly from around the hips. Mums and dads should supervise while children ride bicycles. They must be properly advised on how, as well as where to ride. Again it’s important that safety is kept in mind and for them to wear helmets and also occasionally checking the cycle is in good condition. Replace and maintain the bicycle parts at all times.

children exercise photo

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Football is an incredibly popular game among young people and also really an excellent workout with such fun and excitement. Kids love to play football, foosball or soccer which entails a lot of different exercises running around on the ground and building strategic thought patterns. Therefore, an intense muscle workout of many components of the body. The flow of blood in the body is increased as the heart beat rate rises, which is helping muscle mass growth and removing unnecessary fat in and around muscles and body organs. Such games boost the elasticity of muscles decreasing the possibility of getting sprains and injured.

Then you have a choice of indoor games and sports if there isn’t a lot of opportunities to engage in outdoor activities. There are several games which can be played in your home. For example, table tennis as well as hide-and-seek and similar games that incorporate movement.

Children should be encouraged to pursue as many physical exercises, sports and play so that they continue to be nimble as well as ideally healthy and well.

So get involved with your kids and encourage them to increase their physical activity. It will pay huge dividends as they grow up and enter adulthood. A youngster that remains physically energetic and fit will definitely have an active mind.

children exercise photo

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