Children’s Health and Fitness Exercise in Waterford & Logan

These days, with all the technology advances, our kids are more engaged in online games, television and XBox games in comparison to playing outdoors. We’ve therefore seen a sharp rise in the number of chubby children around our neighbourhoods of Logan and South Brisbane where I hold my personal training and exercise classes. This pattern of less physical exercise really needs to be changed and kids should be encouraged to play games that involve physical activity which improves both their bodies and also their minds. Regular exercise is just as important for the little ones as it is for you and me.

Improve Your Mindset

Positive words for a healthy body image. The Basics of Improving your Mindset Besides being fit you also need a healthy body image. Increasing your use of positive words in your daily conversations will improve your self image. These words will help you defeat a damaging self body image and

Nutrition Tips Everyone Should Know: Part 1

Another way to describe nutrition is “nourishment” and¬†nourishment is something we all need in order to survive. The proper balance of nutrition does more than keep you alive; it helps you to thrive as a fit, healthy person. You need to read this article if you want some great nutrition

Early Morning Personal Exercise Workout

Early Morning Personal Workout Routine Here’s a quick early morning workout for you to try and covers different fitness levels, so that you can adapt it to your fitness level. Let me know if you would like further help working out a tailored workout routine for yourself. I also have